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Railroad Connections
Pipa master Wu Man

Ep. 201: Wu Man

Rhiannon’s guest artist is Wu Man, master of the pipa or “Chinese banjo”.

Harpist Maeve Gilchrist and her instrument

Ep. 202: Maeve Gilchrist

Celtic harpist Maeve Gilchrist performs and visits with Rhiannon in an historic railway station.

Mazz Swift plays violin.

Ep. 203: Mazz Swift

Violinist Mazz Swift shares songs and anecdotes with host Rhiannon in a railway museum.

Sandeep Das plays tabla drums

Ep. 204: Sandeep Das

Rhiannon and tabla master Sandeep Das share a visit in L.A.’s Union Station.

Percussionist Haruka Fujii at her marimba

Ep. 205: Haruka Fujii

Rhiannon and Japanese percussionist Haruka Fujii perform and chat.

Pura Fé plays the conch shell.

Ep. 206: Pura Fé

Native American vocalist and lap steel guitarist Pura Fé is Rhiannon’s guest artist.

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